Our Corporate team provides a full range of innovative solutions for nonprofit organizations' transactional challenges. Our team prioritizes creativity and efficiency when supporting nonprofit transactions, developing corporate structures, dealing with organizational transitions, and maintaining ongoing compliance.

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Negotiating complex contractor, service provider and other third-party contracts, master service agreements and related statements of work, and other agreements to help nonprofits utilize wide-ranging resources.

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Optimizing state and federal grant agreements and sub agreements to ensure compliance with FEMA, DOJ, DHS, Title VII, Title IX, and related requirements.

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Developing state-compliant, well-structured corporate articles of incorporation, bylaws, and policies to maximize Board of Directors effectiveness in keeping with leaders’ fiduciary duties.

Multi-Entity Structures
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Utilizing creative parent-subsidiary structures, parallel corporations, and barrier corporations to protect tax exemption, leverage commercial and innovative funding opportunities to promote growth, and reduce risk.

Joint Ventures
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Facilitating partnerships with both nonprofits and private interests to maximize resources available for socially transformative projects.

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Guiding clients through mergers, acquisitions, domestications, conversions, restructuring, and dissolutions, due diligence and assessment of potential governance and operational concerns.

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