Disputes and Risk Management

W&0 guides clients through a plethora of risk management issues such as child protection, abuse prevention, and safety concerns. Additionally, our team provides litigation-related services for nonprofits struggling with leadership control issues, including mediation and other creative alternatives. We also assist clients with protecting their religious freedom goals amid an evolving legal landscape.

Child Protection And Abuse Prevention Policies

Developing comprehensive child protection and abuse prevention policies, focused on both actual safety and effective risk management.

Crisis Situations And Investigations

Guiding clients through crisis situations and other urgent needs, to address allegations of abuse, other harm, mandated reporter issues, disclosure versus confidentiality, and investigations.

Risk Management Policies And Operations

Advising clients when specific issues arise such as threats of violence, consents and waivers, and evolving trends (e.g., COVID) and proactively addressing potential dispute: by drafting effective dispute resolution and risk management provisions, corporate policies, and agreements.

Religious Liberty

Advising and advocating for clients on available religious liberty protections and related legal developments.

Mediation And Dispute Resolution

Helping clients through mediation, working toward a mutually beneficial and comprehensive resolution, and advising clients during pre-litigation stages to resolve disputes peaceably and through settlement.

Litigation And Other Disputes

Representing clients in litigation and other disputes including leadership conflicts, religious liberty issues, contracts, employment, and intellectual property, and developing restorative justice and reconciliation plans for organizations that have experienced significant conflict, particularly to walk alongside nonprofit leaders and victims toward reconciliation and restored trust.


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Disputes and Risk Management
Sally Wagenmaker
Chicago, IL
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