Clients rely on our Employment Practice Group to navigate personnel issues while maximizing workers' contributions and minimizing the organization's exposure to liability. Our experienced attorneys guide clients through both urgent employment questions that may arise suddenly and planned evaluations for improved legal compliance and best practices.

Employee Handbooks And Policies

Developing employee handbooks that accurately reflect each organization's actual practices and procedures, are attentive to legal issues, and align with best practices.

Employment Policies

Helping clients implement employment policies related to remote work, overtime and minimum wage requirements, special clergy and other religious worker considerations, confidentiality, intellectual property, compensation, travel and expense reimbursement, technology, and social media.

Hiring And Employment Agreements

Preparing employment agreements addressing terms of employment, nondisclosure, creative works, and benefits, as well as severance agreements that comport with charitable requirements and address payments and other transitional concerns.

Discipline And Severance Issues

Counseling clients through challenging hiring, discipline, and severance issues, with close attention to minimizing potential liability, relational concerns, and organizational implications.

Religious Liberty

Promoting each nonprofits' mission, including religious liberty, to optimally protect its values and interests and helping employees who seek religious liberty protections in connection with employment.

Discrimination And Harassment Complaints

Providing effective legal representation in cases of alleged discrimination and potential government agency involvement or litigation.

Employment Taxes And Unemployment Insurance

Helping clients properly classify workers as employees or independent contractors, addressing resulting tax liability, and addressing unemployment issues, particularly with respect to special rules and benefits for nonprofits.

Other Work Arrangements - Volunteers, Independent Contractors, Interns, Shared Personnel

Developing nonprofit-oriented work arrangements for legal compliance and best practices, including volunteer handbooks, risk management materials, and employment services and related agreements for seconded or other shared personnel.


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