The nonprofit sector is a vital part of a robust and pluralistic civil society and enables a diverse spectrum of nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations to fulfill their missions. However, the requirements for different types of nonprofit organizations can be overwhelming, and the unique rules and complex regulations that pertain to public charities, private foundations, and other tax-exempt entities under Internal Revenue Code § 501(c) should be carefully navigated.

We regularly assist in forming new nonprofit organizations, designing corporate structures, and seeking appropriate tax classifications to help clients effectively realize their vision. We also assist nonprofits seeking to reinstate their tax-exempt status after revocation. It is our privilege to help build a firm foundation for continued organizational growth and to develop strategic and creative legal solutions for our clients, with sensitivity to each organization's unique mission, underlying commitments, and core values.

Strategic Visioning
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Working with clients to develop the best legal structure and tax-exempt classification to achieve their strategic vision.

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Preparing and filing charter documents to incorporate or otherwise form a new organization and obtaining an Employer Identification Number for the new entity.

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Developing bylaws compliant with state-specific nonprofit laws, federal tax requirements, and best practices for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, all consistent with organizational culture, commitments and values, and desired governance mechanisms.

Initial Corporate Governance
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Preparing initial corporate policies and other related governance materials needed for initial operations and exempt activities.

Tax-Exemption Application
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Developing and filing applications and supplemental materials for recognition of tax-exemption status, including IRS Forms 1023 and 1024, crafted to persuasively share our clients' stories, mission, and exempt activities.

Basic Operational And Compliance Guidance
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Providing initial guidance for leading a nonprofit tax-exempt organization with excellence, coordinating required fundraising and other registrations for state and federal compliance, and identifying other areas for organizational development.

Reinstatement of Revoked Tax-Exempt Status
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Evaluating notices of revocation of tax-exempt status and developing requests for retroactive reinstatement.

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