We provide guidance to tax-exempt clients and their development officers to strength existing development policies and procedures and maximize opportunities for charitable giving through mechanisms that fit with our client's operations, partnerships, and fiscal goals. Such mechanisms, include donation agreements, deferred gift planning, endowment funds, capital campaigns, professional fundraising contracts, commercial co- ventures, and fiscal sponsorships. We further assist our clients with evaluating their statutory compliance obligations and meeting those obligations effectively and efficiently so that they can devote more time and more resources to mission-focused activities.

Compliance With State Charitable Solicitation And Trust Laws

Evaluating fundraising activities, identifying registration obligations, and assisting with maintaining compliance, including charitable solicitation registrations and reporting and advising on disclosures required for public solicitations and fundraising events.

Donation Agreements And Endowment Guidance

Developing donation agreements in all forms, including restricted, deferred, and matching agreements and working with clients to address UMPIFA, cy pres, and deviation considerations associated with endowment funds and other restricted gifts.

Development Policies And Procedures

Advising clients on gift acceptance policies and proper documentation of unusual gifts and reviewing proposed capital campaigns and recommending strategies for increased discretion and utility of funding.

Fiscal Sponsorships

Developing fiscal sponsorship arrangements that allow established 501(c)(3) organizations to provide a funding mechanism for new organizations or incubate programs that advance their charitable purposes.

Commercial Co-Ventures And Cause-Related Marketing

Establishing partnerships with for-profit businesses, helping clients understand their responsibilities and compliance requirements under commercial co-venture agreements, and helping clients take advantage of novel fundraising tools while balancing financial benefits with legal protections.

Professional Fundraising Agreements

Drafting and reviewing contracts with professional fundraisers and evaluating any state registration and reporting requirements.


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